Polar bear library

In the PBSG web library you will find most literature you could possibly be interested in about polar bears. The only type of literature poorly covered is polar bear fiction and popular books. The main database is continuously updated, and updates will be published regularly, although not daily or weekly. Realistically this will happen 2-3 times per year.

Proceedings and reports

There are two types of reports you can download from this section, from two separate items in the left menu:

  1. Official proceedings from all PBSG meetings since 1965.
  2. Various reports from the PBSG history of possible interest, not official proceedings. This section will be updated as new interesting items are discovered and made available on the website.

Searchable databases

The third option is a search in one of two literature databases created and maintained by the PBSG. The two databases are: 

  1. 'Main database': A general database on both popular and scientific literature, with a focus on the scientific part.
  2. 'Russian database': A database on Russian literature, with a focus on polar bears including the Kara Sea and westwards. This database is updated through 1998. This database will give titles in Russian and English in the title field, and there will be brief explanations of major findings or content in the abstract for most of them.

The databases are searchable. If you want a full listing, leave the searchfield blank. You can read abstracts for single articles by toggling the abstracts on.

Questions can be directed to the web editor.