PBSG and the Circumpolar Action Plan

Tuesday February 11 2020

Three downloadable documents where PBSG advice the Parties on how to priortize rsearch and monitoring activities

New PBSG status table finalized

Friday September 20 2019

Updated status table developed and published for the first time since 2014

First estimate of CS subpopulation size

Thursday November 29 2018

For the first time the Chukchi Sea subpopulation size has been estimated, and indices of subpopulation status are generally positive

Proceedings from PBSG 18 is published!

Friday April 27 2018

The proceedings from the 18th PBSG meeting in Anchorage has been finalized and published

New redlist assessment for polar bears completed

Wednesday November 16 2016

A new and improved red list assessment for polar bears was published in 2015, again concluding that polar bears are in the category Vulnerable.

PBSG meets in Anchorage

Monday November 14 2016

PBSG members 2016The 18th meeting of the PBSG, and the first regular meeting since 2009, was held in Anchorage. A packed agenda and five full days of meeting.

Polar bears and terrestrial food

Thursday April 16 2015

Hudson Bay polar bear. Photo credit: Andrew DerocherCan polar bears switch to and survive on terrestrial food? A new study from USGS gives us the answer.

PBSG global population estimates explained

Tuesday July 08 2014

In the status section there is a new text explaining why the PBSG has given global population range estimates for polar bear abundance since 1993, what these numbers are and what they're not.

17th meeting of the PBSG in Fort Collins, USA, is history

Thursday June 26 2014

The PBSG met in Fort Collins for a week in early June 2014, the second intersessional members-only meeting in a row, to continue discussions how to solve issues of future capacity.

New status table finalized

Friday February 14 2014

A new and updated status table was finalized prior to the Moscow Meeting of the Parties in December 2013.

PBSG responds to proposed change in Foxe Basin harvest level

Monday October 07 2013

Foxe Basin subpopulationThe Nunavut Wildlife Management Board proposed a change in TAH in Foxe Basin this summer and PBSG missed the hearing deadline, but makes its response public now.

Biographical summaries of members now published

Thursday March 21 2013

You can now learn a bit more about each member of the PBSG through a picture and a brief bio.