PBSG and the Circumpolar Action Plan

In 2015, the Polar Bear Range States (PBRS) adopted a Circumpolar Action Plan (CAP) — a collaborative Range States initiative — to provide a means of coordinating the management, research and monitoring of polar bears across their range. The PBSG has contributed to the CAP by giving input on what research and monitoring activities should be given priority in the CAP, summed up in these three documents:
  1.     2012 Monitoring framework for polar bears (Ursus Monograpgs - peer-reviewed)
  2.     2018 PBSG input to 2018 Fairbanks Range States meeting: "Priorities for multi-lateral actions - advice to Range States"
  3.     2019 Report from research workshop in Lyngen, Norway on "Polar bear demography: status and future direction"
Published Tuesday February 11 2020 by Dag Vongraven