Archived news for 2010

US designates critical habitat for polar bears

Wednesday November 24 2010

Critical habitatUS Fish and Wildlife Service has designated more than 187,000 square miles in the Arctic as critical habitat for polar bears under the Endangered Species Act.

US District Court rule challenges polar bear ESA listing

Monday November 22 2010

On Nov 4 a US District Court judge ruled that the decision to list polar bears as "Threatened" and not "Endangered" in May 2008 must be reconsidered or defended.

Nunavut states polar bears not at risk, PBSG responds

Monday June 07 2010

May 28 the Government of Nunavut stated that they think polar bears are thriving, and thus they oppose the proposed uplisting of polar bears as a species of Special Concern under the Canadian Species at Risk Act.

The new status table and population reviews published

Thursday March 11 2010

Svalbard polar bearThe status table and reviews discussed and decided upon in Copenhagen in 2009 are finally available on the website.

PBSG meet in Oslo to discuss action plan

Thursday March 11 2010

Approximately half the members of the PBSG met in Oslo February 8-10, 2010, to meet the request from the Parties to the 1973 Agreement for input to national action plans.

Website updated with new guidelines and updated list of members

Saturday January 16 2010

The PBSG guidelines have been reviewed and all members except one have been appointed. The new guidelines and list of members have been published on the website.