Proceedings PBSG 14th meeting Seattle 2005

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Editors: Jon Aars, Nicholas J. Lunn, and Andrew E. Derocher

Contents Author(s) Page
Foreword   1
List of participants   3
Agenda   7
Minutes of the 14th Working Meeting of the IUCN/SSC Polar Bear Specialist Group   11
Status of the polar bear   33
Resolutions of the 14th Meeting of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group   57
Press release   61
Polar bear management in Alaska 2000-2004 S. Schliebe, T.J. Evans, S. Miller, C. Perham, J. Wilder and L.J. Lierheimer 63
Polar bear research in Alaska G.M. Durner, S.C. Amstrup, G. York, E.V. Regehr, K.S. Simac, T.S. Smith, S.T. Partridge, T. Bentzen, K. Amstrup and D. Douglas 77
Polar bear management in Canada 2001-2004 N.J. Lunn, M. Branigan, L. Carpenter, K. Chaulk, B. Doidge, J. Galipeau, D. Hedman, M. Huot, R. Maraj, M. Obbard, R. Otto, I. Stirling, M. Taylor and S. Woodley 101
Research on polar bears in Canada 2001-2004 E. Richardson, M. Branigan, W. Calvert, M. Cattet, A.E. Derocher, W. Doidge, D. Hedman, N.J. Lunn, P. McLoughlin, M.E. Obbard, I. Stirling and M. Taylor 117
Polar bear management in Greenland J. Lønstrup 133
Research on polar bears in Greenland 2001-2005 E.W. Born and C. Sonne 135
Polar bear management and research in Norway 2001-2005 J. Aars, A.E. Derocher, M. Andersen, D. Vongraven, M. Ekker and Ø. Wiig 145
Polar bear management and research in Russia 2001-2004 S.E. Belikov, A.N. Boltunov, N.G. Ovsianikov, G.I. Belchanskiy and A.A. Kochnev 153
Research on polar bears autumn aggregations on Chukotka 1989-2004 A.A. Kochnev 157
Research and conservation of polar bears on Wrangel Island N.G. Ovsianikov 167
Line transect estimate of the subpopulation size of polar bears in the Barents Sea J. Aars, M. Andersen, S. Belikov, A. Boltunov, S.T. Buckland, T.A. Marques and Ø. Wiig 173
Appendix 1: Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears and Their Habitat   177
Appendix 2: Annex E, Resolution on Special Protection Measures, and a recent related resolution from the PBSG   179
Appendix 3: Recent publications and reports 2001-2005   181
Appendix 4: Numbers allocated to each country for eartags and tattoos used in polar bear management and research   189