Proceedings PBSG 13th meeting Nuuk 2001

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Editors: Nicholas J. Lunn, Scott Schliebe and Erik W. Born

Contents Author(s) Page
Dedication   vi
Foreword   1
List of participants   3
Agenda   7
Minutes of the 13th Working Meeting of the IUCN/SSC Polar Bear Specialist Group   9
Status of the polar bear   21
Resolutions, 13th Meeting of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group   37
Press release   39
Polar bear management in Canada 1997-2000 N.J. Lunn, S. Atkinson, M. Branigan, W. Calvert, D. Clark, B. Doidge, C. Elliott, J. Nagy, M. Obbard, R. Otto, I. Stirling, M. Taylor, D. Vandal and M. Wheatley 41
Research on polar bears in Canada 1997-2000 W. Calvert, M. Branigan, M. Cattet, W. Doidge, C. Elliott, N.J. Lunn, F. Messier, M. Obbard, R. Otto, M. Ramsay, I. Stirling, M. Taylor and D. Vandal 53
A note on the management of polar bears in Greenland A. Jessen 65
Research on polar bears in Greenland 1997-2001 E.W. Born 67
Polar bear research and management in Norway 1997-2000 A.E. Derocher, Ø. Wiig, M. Andersen, D. Vongraven and M. Ekker 75
Polar bear research and management in Russia 1997-2000 S.E. Belikov, A.N. Boltunov, N.G. Ovsianikov and G.I. Belchanskiy 85
Polar bear management in Alaska 1997-2000 S.L. Schliebe, J.W. Bridges, T.J. Evans, S.B. Kalxdorff, A.S. Fischbach and L.J. Lierheimer  89
Polar bear research in the Beaufort Sea S.C. Amstrup, G.M. Durner, A.S. Fischbach, K. Simac and G. Weston-York 109
Den site selection by polar bears on Wrangel Island S. Howlin, M. Stishov, L.L. McDonald and S.L. Schliebe 127
Polar bear co-management in Alaska: cooperative management between the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the native hunters of Alaska for the conservation of polar bears C. Johnson 139
Appendix 1: Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears and Their Habitat   145
Appendix 2: Annex E, Resolution on Special Protection Measures, and a recent related resolution from the PBSG   147
Appendix 3: Recent publications and reports 1997-2001   149
Appendix 4: Numbers allocated to each country for eartags and tattoos used in polar bear research and management   155