Proceedings PBSG 12th meeting Oslo 1997

Table of contents

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Editors: Andrew E. Derocher, Gerald W. Garner, Nicholas J. Lunn and  Øystein Wiig

Contents Author(s) Page
Dedication   3
Foreword   5
List of participants   7
Agenda   11
Minutes of the 12th Working Meeting of the IUCN/SSC Polar Bear Specialist Group   13
Status of the polar bear   23
Evaluation of the polar bear in relation to the 1996 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals Ø. Wiig 45
Resolutions, 12th Meeting of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group   47
Press release   49
Polar bear management in Canada 1993-1996 N.J. Lunn, M. Taylor, W. Calvert, I. Stirling, M. Obbard, C. Elliott, G. Lamontagne, J. Schaefer, S. Atkinson, D. Clark, E. Bowden and B. Doidge 51
Research on polar bears in Canada 1993-1996 W. Calvert, M. Taylor, I. Stirling, S. Atkinson, M.A, Ransay, N.J. Lunn, M. Obbard, C. Elliott, G. Lamontagne and J. Schaefer 69
Issues pertaining to polar bear management in Greenland B. Rosing 93
Research on polar bears in Greenland, primo 1993 to primo 1997 E.W. Born 97
Status of polar bears in Norway 1993-1996 A.E. Derocher, Ø. Wiig, I. Gjertz, K. Bøkseth and J.O. Scheie 101
Research and management of polar bear populations in the Russian Arctic 1993-1995 S.E. Belikov and A.N. Boltunov 113
Summary of polar bear management in Alaska S.L. Schliebe, T.J. Evans, A.S. Fischbach and S.B. Kalxdorff 115
Polar bear research in Western Alaska, Eastern and Western Russia 1993-1996 G.W. Garner, S.E. Belikov, M.S. Stishov, Ø. Wiig, AA. Boltunov, G.I. Belchansky, D.C. Douglas, L.L. McDonald, D.M. Mulcahy and S. Schliebe 125
Polar bear research in the Beaufort Sea S.C. Amstrup and G.M. Durner 131
Identification of polar bear den habitat in Northern Alaska S.C. Amstrup and G.M. Durner 141
Polar bear research in the Wrangel Island State Nature Reserve, Russia, 1990-1996 M.S. Stishov 147
Application of computer modelling to understanding the ecology and population dynamics of polar bears N.A. Øritsland, A.E. Derocher and I. Stirling 153
Appendix 1: Numbers allocated to each country for use on polar bear eartags and tattoos   159