Proceedings PBSG 11th meeting Copenhagen 1993

Table of contents

Editors: Øystein Wiig, Erik W. Born and Gerald W. Garner

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Foreword   1
List of participants   3
Agenda   5
Minutes   7
Summary of polar bear population status   19
Guidelines for the Polar Bear Specialist Group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature   25
Resolutions   27
Press release   29
National reports on status and research:    
Research on polar bears in Canada 1988-92 W. Calvert, I. Stirling, M. Taylor, M.A. Ramsay, G.B. Kolenosky, M. Crête, S. Kearney and S. Luttich 33
Polar bear management in Canada 1988-92 W. Calvert, M. Taylor, I. Stirling, G.B. Kolenosky, S. Kearney, M. Crête and S. Luttich 61
Status of the polar bear in Greenland 1993 E.W. Born 81
Research on polar bears in Greenland, ultimo 1988 to primo 1993 E.W. Born 105
Status of polar bears in Norway Ø. Wiig 109
Status of polar bear populations in the Russian Arctic 1993 S. Belikov 115
Research and conservation of the polar bear in the Russian Arctic 1988-92 S. Belikov 121
The status of polar bears in Alaska 1993 S. Schliebe, S.C. Amstrup and G.W. Garner 125
Polar bear management in Alaska 1988-92 S. Schliebe and T.J. Evans 139
Polar bear research in the Beaufort Sea S. Amstrup and G. Durner 145
Research on polar bears in western Alaska and eastern Russia 1988-92 G. Garner, S.E. Belikov, M.S. Stishov and S.M. Arthur 155
Miscellaneous reports:    
Research on polar bears in Severnaya Zemlya (Russia) 1991-92 S. Belikov, Ø. Wiig, G.W. Garner and S.M. Arthur 167
Sequence analysis of the mitochondrial DNA molecule of the polar bear K. Bodin, A. Gullberg and U. Arnason 174
Summary of status reports for North Baffin polar bears E.W. Born, M.K. Taylor, A. Rosing-Asvid and I. Stirling 175
Basic concepts of polar bear maternity den census N.G. Chelintsev and S. Belikov 177
Recent studies on heavy metals in polar bears from Greenland with reference to other marine mammals R. Dietz 180
On ICC's environmental strategy and some local polar bear problems I. Egede 181
Polar bears killed in Svalbard 1987-92 I. Gjertz, S. Aarvik and R. Hindrum 184
Chlorinated hydrocarbons in polar bears from North America, Greenland and Svalbard: A biological measure of hemispheric pollution R.J. Norstrom 185
The catch of polar bears in northwestern Greenland A. Rosing-Asvid and E.W. Born 188
Genetic heterogeneity in polar bears: The Canadian data M.A. Ramsay, Y. Plante, M.K. Taylor and M. Crête 189
Global environmental change: An involuntary ecological experiment with polar bears as a subject M.A. Ramsay 190
Grizzly bear sightings in Viscount Melville Sound M. Taylor 191