Proceedings PBSG 8th meeting Edmonton, Canada 1985

Table of contents

Contents Author(s) Page
List of participants   5
Revised agenda   7
Summary of the meeting   8
1. Population estimates   29
2. Modelling of polar bear populations data   29
3. Polar bear - human interactions   30
4. Development and use of telemetry techniques   31
5. Polar bears and the marine ecosystems of Baffin Bay   31
6. Expression of thanks   32
Special statements:    
1. Statement on research and the future role of the Polar Bear Specialist Group   33
2. The status and analysis of polar bear populations: A review and recommendations   34
1. Miscellaneous information relating to polar bears in Greenland Submitted by C. Vibe 44
2. Age determination in polar bears captured and marked in North East Greenland 1973-75 H. Grue 58
3. Distribution, numbers and population characteristics of polar bears in Svalbard (Abstract only) T. Larsen 63
4. Denning habits of polar bears in the Svalbard area (Abstract only) T. Larsen 65
5. Satellite radio-tracking of polar bears between Svalbard and Greenland (Abstract only) T. Larsen, C. Jonkel and C. Vibe 67
6. Behaviour of polar bears with cubs of the year in the denning area (Abstract only) J. Thomassen and R. Hansson 69
7. Research on polar bears in Canada 1978-80 I. Stirling, R.E. Schweinsburg, G.B. Kolenosky, I. Juniper, R.J. Robertson, S. Luttich and W. Calvert 71
8. Polar bear management changes in Canada 1978-80 I. Stirling and W. Calvert 99
9. Research on Alaskan polar bears in 1979 and 1980 Anon. 119
10. Report to IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group J.W: Lentfer 125
11. Polar bear research and conservation in the USSR 1979-80 S.M. Uspenski and S.E. Belikov 129
1. Memorandum from M. Taylor   143
2. Summary and conclusions from Report of the Consultative Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears, Oslo, 20-22 January, 1981   147
3. Extract from Final Act and Summary Record, Conference to prepare an Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears, Oslo, 13-15 November 1973   151