Proceedings PBSG 7th meeting Copenhagen, Denmark 1979

Table of contents

Proceedings of the 6th and 7th meetings were published in the same volume.

Contents Author(s) Page
List of participants   5
Summary of the the Meeting   7
Resolutions   27
1. Polar bear management changes in Canada 1976-78 I. Stirling and P. Smith 29
2. Research on polar bears in Canada 1976-78 I. Stirling, R.E. Schweinsburg, G.B. Kolenosky, I. Juniper, R.J. Robertson and S. Luttich 45
3. Polar bear survey. Norwegian/American/Danish study, April 1977 B.W. O'Gara, T. Larsen, C. Vibe and P. Wegge 67
4. Ethological studies of the polar bear. Preliminary report 1978. J. Thomassen and R. Hansson 79
5. Polar bear research and conservation in the USSR 1977-78 S.M. Uspenski and S.E. Belikov 81
6. Polar bear research and management in Alaska 1977-78 D.P. DeMaster 86
7. The effects of human menstruation and other substances on polar bears. Interim report B.S. Cushing 93
1. Letter to EAMES Management Committee   103
2. Letter to IUCN   104