Proceedings PBSG 6th meeting Morges, Switzerland 1976

Table of contents

Proceedings of the 6th and 7th meetings were published in the same volume.


Author(s) Page
List of participants   107
Summary of the Meeting   109
Resolutions   127
1. Polar bear management changes in Canada 1974-76 I. Stirling and P. Smith 130
2. Research on polar bears in Canada 1974-76 I. Stirling, G.B. Kolenosky, R.E. Schweinsburg, I. Juniper, R.J. Robertson and S. Luttich 143
3. Climatic and ecological changes in the Arctic explained by fluctuations in the occurrence of spring-tide in relation to the latitude of the sun. Preliminary report C. Vibe 167
4. Conservation report of Norway 1974-76   172
5. Research progress report - Norway, 1974-76 T. Larsen 173
6. Polar bear research and conservation in the USSR 1975-76 S.M. Uspenski, S.E. Belikov and A.G. Kuprianov 178
7. Polar bear management and research in Alaska 1974-76 J.W. Lentfer 187
8. Polar bear modelling: An APL-programmed population projection N.A. ├śritsland, K. Ronald and C. Jonkel 198