Proceedings PBSG 2nd meeting Morges, Switzerland 1970

Table of contents

Contents Author(s) Page
List of participants and meeting agenda   1
Notes on the meeting   2
1. The present status of polar bear research in Canada C. Jonkel 8
2. Polar bear management changes in Canada A. Macpherson and C. Jonkel 12
3. The polar bear situation in Greenland C. Vibe 15
4. Norwegian polar bear investigations T. Larsen 21
5. Harvest and management of the polar bear in Norway M. Norderhaug 34
6. Polar bear research and conservation in Alaska, 1968-69 J.W. Lentfer 43
7. Polar bear research and conservation measures in the USSR, 1968-69 S.M. Uspenski and A.A. Kistchinski 67
8. Letter, dated 27/1/70, from Dr. P. Oosterveld to Dr. C.W. Holloway, and a preliminary report (No. 2, dated November 1969) on the Dutch Polar Bear Research Expedition to Svalbard in 1968-69, and plans for the 1970 programme   76
9. An appeal to the governments of Canada, Denmark, Norway, and USA (concerning future management of the polar bear)   85
10. IUCN Press Release   86