Proceedings 1st scientific meeting on polar bears Fairbanks, Alaska 1965

Table of contents

Contents Author(s) Page
Foreword James A. Slater iv
Agenda   vii
Introductory remarks C. Edward Carlson 1
Welcoming address William A. Egan 2
Welcoming address William R. Wood 3
Opening address E. L. Bartlett 4
Objectives of the conference C. Edward Carlson 7
Plan of work   8
Canadian Wildlife Service Brief Delegation of Canada 9
The polar bear in Greenland Delegate of Denmark 16
The polar bear, Norwegian hunt and management Delegation of Norway 26
The polar bear: Distribution and status of stocks; problems of conservation and research, U.S.S.R. Delegation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 39
The polar bear in Alaska Delegation of the United States 44
I.U.C.N. Submission C. R. Harington 58
A proposal for research on the ecology of the polar bear Arctic Institute of North America 59
American Committee for International Wildlife Protection Submission   64
Some aspects of research on polar bears required John S. Tener 65
Statement of Accord approved by the delegates   66
Resolutions approved by the First International Scientific Meeting on the Polar Bear under item 12 of the agenda   67
Final list of participants at the First International Conference on the Polar Bear   69