Nunavut states polar bears not at risk, PBSG responds

In a news release May 28 from the office of the Nunavut Minister of Environment, Daniel Shewchuk, it is stated that :"Due to a lack of evidence indicating that polar bears meet the criteria for the Special Concern designation, the Government of Nunavut is not supporting Environment Canada’s proposal to change the listing". The Government of Nunavut further claims that polar bears are not declining, but "thriving", and that "no known environmental or other factors are currently posing a significant or immediate threat to polar bears overall".
The IUCN/Polar Bear Specialist Group have collectively agreed on a response to the statement from the Government of Nunavut. PBSG upholds that there is scientific evidence that "unabated global warming will ultimately threaten polar bears everywhere". Such a statement is also supported by a unanimous statement from the Parties to the 1973 Agreement on the conservation of polar bears, at their meeting in Tromso in 2009.
Published Monday June 07 2010 by Dag Vongraven