Canadian "roundtable" discussion on polar bears

Image: Morten Ekker
The National Roundtable on Polar Bears was held on January 16, 2009 in Winnipeg Manitoba. Participants of the Roundtable included territories and provinces, the wildlife management boards, the Inuit, First Nations, Aboriginal groups, scientists and others who have a management or conservation role to protect Canada's approximately 15,500 polar bears. The purpose of the Polar Bear Roundtable was to increase awareness of the many conservation actions underway by various parties, to hear views regarding priority areas for action from a broad cross-section of knowledgeable opinion leaders and to set the scene for consultations related to listing the polar bear under the federal Species at Risk Act.
Get more information at the website of the Canadian Government's Species at Risk Public Registry.
Published Sunday March 08 2009 by Dag Vongraven