Final output from the Tromso Meeting of the Parties

Image: Morten Ekker
The five nations that signed the Agreement on the conservation of polar bears in 1973 have just met in Tromso, for the first time in 28 years. Although the second day of the workshop was closed for observers and media, a decision resulting in bad news coverage and sinking hopes for the meeting outcome, the final document turned out to be a positive read. Against all odds the Parties managed to agree on statements about climate change stating that climate change is the major threat to polar bear populations. And they agreed on a process for the next 4 years. The PBSG has been invited to be the scientific advisory body to the nations, and the meeting also asked the PBSG to identify elements needed in a circumpolar action plan for polar bear conservation and management. The PBSG will discuss this at their next meeting in Copenhagen in June.
The two delegates representing PBSG at the Meeting of the Parties in Tromso: Chairman Dr. Andrew Derocher and Dr. Ian Stirling Image: Morten Ekker
Published Thursday March 19 2009 by Dag Vongraven