Meeting of the parties in Tromso March 17-19 2009

Downtown Tromsø in winter with Tromsdalstinden in the background Image: Bård Løken, Destinasjon Tromsø
The Agreement was signed in 1973, ratified in 1976, and in force for 5 years before the Parties met in 1981 to declare that the Agreement should stand for eternity - or until otherwise decided. Since then haven't the Parties met. Matters pertaining to the Agreement have informally been dealt with by PBSG. The global and national redlist processes and the new challenges posed by the imminent climate threat have urged the Parties to take a more proactive role in such matters. Hopefully the meeting in Tromsø will lead to something substantial and positive for polar bears.
Published Wednesday March 11 2009 by Dag Vongraven